Poster presentation on 12th Textile Science & Economy 2019 French-Croatian Forum

On January 24th, group of researchers participated at the 12th Textile Science & Economy 2019  French-Croatian Forum, which was organized by the University of Zagreb Faculty of Textile Technology and Zagreb Innovation Centre Ltd. Zlatko Vrljicak and his assistant Zeljka Pavlovic presented the paper The compressibility of fine women’s hosiery with elastane, with PhD students Lozo Milos and Tea Jovanovic as coauthors. Alka Mihelic Bogdanic and Ivana Spelic, Ph.D. participated with paper Energy savings in shoe sole production process.

The Project funded by National Sciendce Foundation, Comfort and antimicrobial properties of textiles and footwear, was also presented.

The papers were published in the Book of Abstracts and in the poster form but will be soon published as a full paper in the conference proceeding of 12th Textile Science & Economy 2019 French-Croatian Forum.