Juro Živičnjak

Juro Živičnjak, born on 28.2.1995. in Zagreb, Croatia. PhD. Student at University of Zagreb Faculty of Textile Technology where he graduated in 2018. The thesis of his graduation paper was: The appearance and usability of static charge in garments; where he under the mentorship and with the collaboration of prof. Dubravko Rogale, created his first innovation; the triboelectric generator. The innovation was recognized and awarded by the domestic and international exhibition of innovations. As a graduate student, he was involved in many student activities; the most notable being scientific – sport competition „Tehnologijada 2018.“ where he participated in the scientific part of the competition, with the paper in Analysis of computer polygonal model parameters and influence on fabric drape simulation. Under the mentorship of prof. Slavenke Petrak, and collaboration with his colleague Ivona Rastovac. The work was awarded to 3rd place in the group and individual ranking of the competitors.

FTT—Faculty of Textile Technology