Alka Mihelić – Bogdanić

Alka Mihelić Bogdanić

Professor Alka Mihelić – Bogdanić was born in Zagreb on June 27th 1949. Professor Alka Mihelić – Bogdanić, PhD works as full professor at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Textile Technology. She received her bachelor’s degree in the year 1972, her master’s degree in the year 1975 and her doctor’s degree in the year 1977 from Zagreb University, Faculty of Technology. Her research activities are in the field of chemical engineering, textile technology and energetics. The areas of special research interest are: Energetics, Technical thermodynamics, Energy management in industry and New and renewable energy sources.

Together with professor dr. sc. Rajka Budin she has published university textbooks: The basis of technical thermodynamics and The sources and energy management in industry.

From 1984. to 2000. she has performed the collaboration with the Institute for Thermodynamic at the Technical University Graz and with the Institute for Physics at the Karl Franz University Graz, in the field of alternative energy sources as well as Stirling engine. She has published over 140 scientific papers with international reviews and 13 professional papers.

She has received a special award in form of diploma for doctor thesis from Organized committee of 6. Yugoslav exhibition, technical improvement and innovation, RAST-YU 78, Rijeka 1978. and J. J. Strossmayer for the best scientific work in the field of technical science in 2002. for the book The basis of technical thermodynamics, Školska knjiga, Zagreb. She collaborated at 11 scientific projects and lead the scientific projects under title: Reducing specific energy consumption in industrial processes, under support of the Ministry of science, education and sports. She is member and works in scientific associations: International Solar Energy Society, Croatian energy society (HED), Croatian society for solar energy, Croatian society KoREMA, Croatian nuclear society. She is also a member of the publishing council and editorial board: Solar energy, Scientific journal for solar energy and other nonrenewable sources, Journal of textile and clothing technology – Tekstil and Textile Science and Engineering.