Sanja Ercegović RažićSanja Ercegović Ražić was born in Šibenik, Croatia. Upon completing of the high gymnasium school, she was finished the Faculty of Textile Technology University of Zagreb at 2000th. In 2001 she was employed on the Faculty as a young researcher, and 2005th she won her master’s degree. Academic doctor’s degree and title of doctor of science she acquired at 2010 by defending the dissertation. In August of 2010 she was elected to the associate position of senior assistant. On March 2011 she was elected to the scientific position of scientific associate. The academic degree of assistant professor, she was elected in January 2013 for a group of courses related to textile testing, production and modifications of man-made fibers and environmental management. In May 2013 she was elected to the scientific position of senior scientific associate. At the 2014 was elected as Head of Department of Materials, Fibers and Textile Testing, and at the same years was elected as Head of Center of LLL at the Faculty. She worked at 4 research projects, 1 projects funded from EU social fund, 1 PoC project and 4 scientific grants as associate. She was coordinator of bilateral project (2014/15), and 1 scientific grant (2014). She was published 12 scientific and professional papers and participated at 32 international and national scientific conferences. She is member of TC 207 and Sectoral Council for sector IV: Textile and Leather. Under her supervised, 10 diploma thesis were realized, as well as student work of J. Peran for Rectors award (2013/14). She is elected as the mentor of doctoral student. Her scientific research is focused on the properties and impact of the cold plasmas on the textile material properties, surface modifications, hydrophilic properties, antibacterial properties, deposition processes into the plasma system and environmental impact.