Ivan KraljevićIvan Kraljević was born on 8th November 1991 in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. He finished primary and secondary school in Široki Brijeg, after which he enrolled Faculty of Textile Technology at University of Zagreb. After three years he finished undergraduate study with the theme “Quality evaluation of leather for suitcases” under the mentorship of Assoc.prof. Antoneta Tomljenović, PhD. Two years after, in 2015, he finished graduate study of Textile Technology and Engineering, module Textile Design and Management. His graduate thesis was “Testing of the prints durability on semi processed bovine leather”, under the mentorship of Assoc. prof. Antoneta Tomljenović, PhD. On November 2016 he enrolled doctoral study Textile Science and Technology at Faculty of Textile Technology at University of Zagreb. Since February 2016 he has been employed as a technologist at the main Croatian factory for socks producing, Jadran Tvornica čarapa d.d. Since February 2017 he has been promoted, and now he works as a head of knitting and sewing department. He published four scientific papers. His area of research interest are testing and quality control of new materials for socks industry and leather.