Antoneta TomljenovićShe was born in 1968. She finished her PhD in 2006 at the University of Zagreb Faculty of Textile Technology; became associated professor in 2013, and scientific adviser in area of technical sciences and field of textile technology in 2016. She is actively involved in teaching in the field of quality and textile testing, quality management and textile materials. Her scientific work with students was resulted with the publication of 35 papers in the co-authorship, defended 21 undergraduate and graduate theses and two won Rector’s Award. Scientific work within the six national and two EU FP7 research projects has resulted with the publication of three book chapters and more than 60 papers. In the focus of her recent scientific interest are studies related to testing and quality control of different textile materials, usage and functional durability of knitting, leather, fishing nets, and bio-composites. She participate in scientific, TPC and reviewing committees of international conferences and in reviewing of scientific papers for 9 journals cited in CC and SCI databases.  She is member of Croatian Engineers Textile Society, Almae Matris Croaticae Alumni – Technologiae Textilis Facultatis, Croatian Society for Materials and Tribology, Croatian Society for Quality, Croatian Society of Chemical Engineers and Technologists, International Association of Advanced Materials IAAAM and expert for accreditation scheme: Testing laboratories according to ISO/ IEC 17025 by Croatian Accreditation Agency.