ComforMicrobTexFoot project consists of following

Seven main work packages:

WP1 Project management

  • Successful implementation and realisation of all planned activities
  • Project monitoring
  • Communication among all project participants and Croatian Science Foundation

WP2 Structures and Properties of Nonconventional Yarns and Knitted Fabrics

  • Physical-mechanical parameters of unconventional yarns and knitting fabrics
  • Improvement/replacement of conventional yarns with unconventional
  • Improvement/replacement of commercial knitted fabrics with new knitted fabrics

WP3 Leather treatments

  • Development of chrome, vegetable and synthetic tanned leather material on targeted antimicrobial and thermophysiological properties
  • Development of finishing processes of chrome, vegetable and synthetic tanned leather antimicrobial treated considering thermophysiological properties

WP4 Antimicrobial treatment and properties

  • Antibacterial activity of materials
  • Antimicrobial treatment of materials
  • Development/replacement conventional finishing processes of antimicrobial treatment with environmentally friendly technology

WP5 Thermophysiological properties of textile and footwear

  • Thermophysiological comfort of textile materials, leather and footwear
  • Thermophysiological comfort of antimicrobial treated textile materials and leather

WP6 Usable and functional properties of materials

  • Evaluation of usage and functional properties of leather, knitted fabrics and multilayer constructions of materials
  • Definition of the durability and fastness of performed treatments on materials by simulation of usage and care conditions (by implementation of repeated cycles of washing and drying, abrasion and flexing cycles, and by assessment of colour fastness to various influences)

WP7 Dissemination

  • Promotion of project results
  • Dissemination and presentation new knowledge related to project
  • Increasing the number of published papers